The background to Tim Berners-Lee (1.1)


Tim Berners-Lee who attended an inner city secondary school in Clapham then went onto to study physics at the prestigious Queens College University in Oxford is a computer scientist renowned for creating the world wide we. In March 1989 he created his initial proposal and a year later he created the World Wide Web which he designed and created the first web browser functioning on a NeXTSTEP. The very first web built was at CERN on August the 6th 1991 (the European organisation for Nuclear Research.

Tim Berners-Lee has also been recognised for his effort and what he has given to the world which resulted him to be awarded with the highest ranking of OBE a prestigious award given to those who do something exeptional.


  • Listed in the 100 top Britons.
  • Became one of the only six members of the Worldwide Web Hall of Fame.
  • Won Kilby Foundations Young innovator Award.
  • Was awarded with the Academy of Achievement  lifetime .

”You affect the world by what you browse.”

”The important thing is the diversity available on the Web.”


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