Website Design Brief


Description: The website will show pictures and descriptions of the products available.

Contact details:

Reason for website requirement: To show the products available from the company.

Desired brand identity: ‘Bags N Other Stuff’

Audience in detail: aimed at females mainly.

Purpose and aims for website: People who are looking for bags and other mini accessories.

What the USERS want: To be shown new and up to date trendy bags and accessories.

How you will measure its success: The amount of viewers the site is visited by and by the amount of people who purchase something from the site.

Accessibility requirements: To be able to be visited on all browsers and mobiles

Devices necessary to access the website: PC’s, laptops, mobile devises.

Timescale: Ongoing

Cost to develop and maintain: N/A

How much control does the client want in adapting the website in the future? (Content management systems): There can be changes made to the website when necessary e.g. if my client requires new photo’s of new products.

Access priorities: It’s important that the website can be accessed from all devices.


Content: The website will show pictures of products.



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